Political Theory Workshop

The Political Theory Workshop has been convened since February 2014 by the founding members of the Center, at the Faculty of Political Science within SNSPA [see http://politice.ro/ro/atelier_teorie_politica for a description in Romanian]. Its main aim is to provide students and researchers based in Bucharest with a forum in which to explore various topics within contemporary analytical political philosophy.

Furthermore, the Political Theory Workshop seeks to foster the development of a scholarly community engaged in normative thinking (and, especially, political philosophy), the stimulation of critical thinking and the encouragement of students to study and write on subjects belonging to the realm of political philosophy.

The Workshop is held on a weekly basis and every meeting consists in a critical discussion of one or more articles/book chapters. Each semester a new general theme is proposed. So far, the following themes have been discussed:”

The weekly meetings entail the critical discussion of one or more articles / book chapters. Each semester a different approach is studied. So far we have discussed the following themes:

  1. Ronald Dworkin’s ethical and political theory
  2. David Estlund’s Democratic Authority: A Philosophical Framework
  3. The Capabilities Approach
  4. Bruce Ackerman’s The Decline and Fall of the American Republic
  5. Republicanism
  6. Fabienne Peter’s Democratic Legitimacy 
  7. The Ethics of Voting
  8. Ideal and Non-ideal Theory

Starting with March 2018 we are discussing the topic of constitutional theory, with a focus on a variety of subjects such as judicial review, the relation between republicanism and constitutionalism, theories of constitutional interpretation such as originalism or living constitutionalism etc., drawing on the works of Bruce Ackerman, H.L.A. Hart, Ronald Dworkin, Joseph Raz, Jeremy Waldron, Richard Bellamy and others.

Many of the articles on political theory published or presented at conferences by members of BCEPT in the past few years (see the full list here) have been developed following the discussions taking place within the workshop. If you wish to attend the workshop please contact us at alexandru.volacu@bcept.eu.