Working Paper Series

The BCEPT Working Paper Series aims to provide an opportunity for Romanian and international scholars to receive feedback on unpublished papers within the domain of political theory. The Working Papers will be available on an open access basis in this section and they can be commented upon in a thread following the paper. Furthermore, for authors of Working Papers who are based in Bucharest, the Center also provides the opportunity to schedule a meeting with other interested scholars from local universities in which to discuss the respective Working Paper, thereby obtaining a more comprehensive feedback.

Anyone interested can submit their Working Papers at There are no formal requirements regarding the citation and referencing style, but the papers should normally not exceed 9,000 words and should be accompanied by an abstract and keywords. In order for a submitted paper to be included in the BCEPT Working Paper Series an internal peer-review will be conducted within 2 weeks from receipt, at which time the author will receive one of three decisions: (1) accept; (2) revise and resubmit; (3) reject.

As the Center seeks to encourage both experienced as well as less experienced authors to submit papers that represent work in progress, the academic standards which articles should meet for acceptance are not as high as those required by major international journals within the field of political theory. However, meeting a minimal core of standards, which emphasizes clarity of arguments, rigorousness in thinking, a well-developed structure and a very good command of English is mandatory for acceptance.

WP-1701: “The Intrinsic Normativity of Securitization Theory: The Story of a Path Not Taken”, Valentin Stoian

WP-1702: “On Okin’s Feminist Challenge: A Modest Defense of Libertarianism”, Vlad Andrei Terteleac

BCEPT Working Papers 1701 (“The Intrinsic Normativity of Securitization Theory: The Story of a Path Not Taken” by Valentin Stoian) and 1702 (“On Okin’s Feminist Challenge: A Modest Defense of Libertarianism” by Vlad Andrei Terteleac) will be presented and discussed on the 3rd of November 2017 at SNSPA, between 17:30 ad 19:30.